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People first

Driving successful transformational change in a business is hard. It takes vision and a willingness to forge ahead with big-payoff projects. But it also requires tight control of day-to-day matters, to ensure foundations remain strong. Most of all it takes great people, and we put people at the absolute core of our approach.

No matter what type of business we’re working with, developing a positive, comprehensive strategy around people is essential, and we work with our portfolio companies to provide guidance on roles and recruitment as much as we do on margin and management accounts. We are rigorous, thoughtful, and collaborative; we will help you get the best from yourself and your team to propel your business forwards.

Drawing on our experience

We deliver insight, expertise and a fresh perspective. We are privileged to work with founders and management teams from all sectors of the UK economy – from consumer ecommerce businesses like Ron Dorff, to digital platform businesses like Tictrac and fast-growing software businesses like Ostmodern. This gives us deep insights into the scale-up journey, which is a key part of what we bring to the table.

Our support is focussed in three areas. We draw on industry best practice to help our portfolio companies quickly develop bespoke operational and financial methodologies. We help companies define and refine their growth strategy, including insight into how to underpin that strategy through recruitment and organisational development. We draw upon our own network to help portfolio companies access expertise and excel.

We understand the strategic and operational challenges that businesses face when scaling up, and we work with management teams to find solutions.

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Our ESG vision

Read about our approach in detail through our ESG policy documents.

ESG Policy


Creating real value involves contributing to a more sustainable, productive, and satisfying world.

We focus our investment activities on stimulating growth to support entrepreneurship and employment, whilst generating financial returns.

When it comes to ESG, we judge our activity through a framework of five criteria: governance, environment, marketplace, workplace and community. This allows us to measure our impact in delivering societal and environmental benefit. You can view our ESG principles in more detail here and see how we live up to them here.

When investing, our ESG vision is to take a holistic view of our impact. That means retaining awareness of both direct and external costs and benefits, and balancing near term and long term objectives.

We see high environmental, social and governance standards as an opportunity rather than a burden and are committed to investing in companies that align with our values.

“Growing businesses have a vast array of opportunities to engage with ESG initiatives. At Puma Private Equity, we work closely with our portfolio companies to focus on the importance of their ESG activities as they scale, and help seek out opportunities they can harness.”

Jane Smith Harriet Rosethorn, Investment Director at Puma Private Equity

Supporting female founders

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We embrace the growth of businesses and recognise the achievements of women entrepreneurs. We take pride in our collaborations with remarkable women across our portfolio companies and network. Our aim is to foster a vibrant community of female leaders, connecting them through our Female Founders events, to establish a strong network of support and advice among like-minded peers.