Puma Private Equity deploys £2.75 million in emerging talent specialist, MyKindaFuture

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Key Info

Henri Songeur


Puma Private Equity has completed a £2.75 million investment into MyKindaFuture (MKF), the UK’s leading emerging talent specialist whose clients include BT, Deloitte, Burberry and Cisco.

The investment will enable MKF to expand its mission to reduce youth unemployment and to help employers access a broader and more diverse talent pool, improve their retention rates and tackle skills shortages.

About MKF

MKF offers a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to build meaningful relationships with future employees. Its recruitment focuses on young people – bridging the gap between education and the world of work, and raising the skills and aspirations of those aged 11 to 25. It aims to help students from a range of backgrounds develop employability skills and succeed in the workplace, whilst supporting employers with their specific recruitment needs – from work experience and apprenticeships through to graduate programmes.

The company has gained significant traction since the Government introduced its Apprenticeship Levy, incentivising corporates to invest in their own apprenticeships. Its extensive client base includes 65 leading employers and the outcomes of MKF’s work have already proven hugely successful, reducing drop-out rates through the recruitment process by as much as 44%, and improving retention rates once employed.

“We are excited about the future. Puma’s continued financial and strategic support enables us to continue investing in building out our product suite, enabling us to be integrated far deeper into the candidate and employee journey.”

Will Akerman, Founder of Connectr

Founded in 2011, MKF has built an impressive network of secondary schools, having delivered 882 school events in 2019, as well as organising 57 events across 28 universities and engaging with more than 25,000 young people via its innovative tech platform, connectr. It draws on a mix of face-to-face workshops, online challenges, digital tools, events, campus ambassadors and pre-boarding programmes to upskill students and employees.

MKF’s established network enables corporates to save time and communicate directly with their target audience. Crucially, it also allows candidates to confidently connect with leading UK business that they may otherwise be unable to access. Having achieved sustained growth, MKF is now ready to use this investment to expand further.