Rupert West on delivering returns after a global pandemic and war in Europe

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Rupert West Puma Private Equity
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Chloe Metcalfe


Rupert West, Managing Director of Puma Private Equity, talks to Actum Group about how his team successfully navigated the challenging operating environment caused by the Pandemic.

He outlines how they help their portfolio businesses manage the uncertainties of the current economic climate. Read the full article, to learn about how the team at Puma identify and nurture value in the organisations they invest in, as well as the exit from the global digital wellbeing platform, Tictrac, in a £35 million deal.

Hear from Rupert about how:

  • Puma overcame challenges by evolving a value creation strategy
  • Unique circumstances that prompted a change of tack
  • Value preservation became the order of the day during the opening six months of ownership